Fuzion by Freeman™ Members

Make your proprietary solution instantly more valuable by connecting it to your client's technology ecosystem.

What is Fuzion by Freeman™?

Fuzion by Freeman™ is the industry’s first open digital event technology platform, which will create a seamless experience for event organizers and attendees by connecting data across all points of the event ecosystem. Fuzion by Freeman™ acts as a foundation between digital event solutions — a common language that allows them talk to each other through APIs.

Customers can browse through the Fuzion by Freeman™ member ecosystem with the freedom to choose which digital solutions make the most sense for their events and the confidence that these systems will work together seamlessly. They can also suggest new members to add to the Fuzion by Freeman™ platform.

Which digital companies can be considered a Fuzion by Freeman™-certified member?

All members will be considered to become a Fuzion by Freeman™-certified member. The purpose of this platform is to put the customer first, supporting their desire to choose best-in-class technologies without having to sacrifice ease of use. This means taking an open approach to our tech marketplace. The quality of a given application will speak for itself through customer demand.

What is the certification process?

Our certification process will ensure quality and data integrity among members in the ecosystem. Please reach out for more information.

How will Fuzion by Freeman™ benefit my customers - event marketers and show organizers?

They'll retain the ability to choose best-in-class digital solutions
They'll save valuable time and resources
They'll increase attendee experience and satisfaction
It will enable easier technology adoption

Why should I become a Fuzion by Freeman™-certified member?

You'll help solve an industry-wide challenge
You'll support the acceleration of event industry innovation
Event integrations will be simplified for you and your clients
You can expand your reach with a new marketing channel

I am interested! Where can I learn more?

Interested members can sign up here.

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