About Allcal

Allcal lets you create interactive, real-time calendars for your baseball team, nonprofit, book club, and group of friends. You can even share a public calendar of events instantly by creating a public calendar for your business, venue, or school club. Planners can create events of their own with beautiful cover photos and real-time updates, or search our public calendars to find fun events to share. The shared calendars make planning easy, keep everybody updated, and even send pop-up notifications of a new event or last-minute change.

TEAMS: Create a team schedule for your sports team and share it with all the players and parents. Any delay or field change can be added to the shared team calendar, and every person on the team calendar will be updated instantly.

GROUPS: Share a group calendar or schedule with everyone in your club, nonprofit, or organization. Allcal even lets your members RSVP to events or meetings, so you know who’s coming to your group’s events.

EVENTS: Event planners can use Allcal to share an event schedule or calendar of events with attendees within seconds. The mobile schedule will keep everyone updated about every performance and even send real-time updates throughout your festival, conference, or event.

WORK: Organize your business instantly with this free calendar app. You can even add employees to a shared calendar so you can communicate about work schedules, deadlines, and important meetings.

FAMILY or FRIENDS: Never forget a birthday party or guitar recital by getting your entire family or group of friends on Allcal. Make plans quickly by searching our public calendars for fun events nearby, then adding them directly on your shared calendar.



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