About ATIV

ATIV Software supplies the leading mobile conference platform for large scientific and medical meetings. Their EventPilot conference technologies is designed for complex scientific meetings like the American Heart Association and the North American Ornithological Conference. The platform offers a content library to host ePosters or automate the collection of video recordings. It is easy for non-technical participants to access and use. You can off-load some of the work for your team by collecting posters, pre-recorded videos, and links through a speaker portal.

What sets ATIV Software apart is that its platform covers all types of events from virtual to hybrid to onsite. A scientific online planner allows remote attendees to participate from their computers while native mobile apps help onsite attendees or remote attendees at work to plan their day and interact with your program. With seamless connection between computers and mobile devices, attendees can schedule their itineraries on one type of device and attend on another without changing platforms. In addition, EventPilot conference technologies is designed to facilitate posters, abstracts, and embargoed information typically found at scientific and medical conferences. A discussion feature on each poster session connects attendees with the researchers before, during, and after a poster is presented and allows remote attendees to contribute across time-zones. Additionally, attendees can track continuing medical education (CME) credits offered at many events and required by many professionals to keep their license current

From its beginnings in 2010, ATIV Software is a virtual company… all team members are remote and are very familiar with virtual technology. Using the knowledge gained from working remotely, ATIV Software continuously incorporates elements needed for virtual and hybrid conferences. Speakers and attendees can join virtually from anywhere in the world.

Not only does ATIV Software provide a central hub that attendees are impressed by, using their platform promotes green meetings with fewer printed programs — eventually making paperless events possible.



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