About Sync by Freeman™

Sync by Freeman™ is a second-screen platform providing rich content through two-way dynamic participation, allowing show organizers to increase audience engagement and measure presenter effectiveness. Now, audiences can stay engaged and interact with presentations – by viewing slides in real-time directly from their device, responding to presenter polls and quizzes, submitting questions and more. Clients are able to extend the reach of their message by allowing audiences to engage with content after sessions, and session content can be adapted based on real-time, actionable data available from an analytics dashboard that tracks engagement and interest.

  • Increase audience engagement – Engage audiences through their devices with interactive rich content including polls and quizzes.
  • Improve presenter’s message retention – Quantify the effectiveness of speaker’s presentations and sessions and help improve message retention through increased audience engagement.
  • Improve content relevance – Determine the relevance and engagement of session content to make appropriate changes based on real-time, actionable data.
  • Extend message reach – Allow audiences to engage with full presentations and rich content, not only during, but after sessions end.
  • Award-winning interface is easy to learn and use.
  • Real-time actionable analytics based on quantifiable session data.
  • Customizable patented technology supported in-house by the Freeman development team.
  • Integration with Freeman conferencing products, including Orchestrate and OnlineEvent.
  • Upvoting questions by the audience shows the presenter which topics to focus on.
  • Gamification uses healthy competition to increase audience participation.
  • Animated emojis allow the audience to communicate their opinions.

“We are thrilled with how well received [Sync] has been with our speakers and session attendees. Thank you so very much for all of the time you have put into this project and for your patience with our speakers.”
– ASLA Director of Meetings & Special Programs

“After the event, we can mine that information to understand what topics interest attendees and what they want to learn more about…it allows us to see new trends emerge so we can place our thumb on the pulse of that trend.” 
– Bill Reed, ASH Senior Director of Meetings and Community Engagement

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