About TurnoutNow

Attendee Tracking, provided in partnership with TurnoutNow, leverages innovative wearable BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and NFC (Near-Field Communication) technologies that enable show organizers to capture a three-dimensional, real-time view of attendee behaviors during the event. This allows attendees and exhibitors to freely connect and share information — ensuring everyone gains the information they need and a call to action for a positive event experience.

How Attendee Tracking works: 
  1. Provide wearable BLE and NFC technology to attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.
  2. A network of BLE receivers are deployed throughout the event venue(s) to capture the beacon signals. If NFC is utilized, small readers are supplied to exhibitors and sponsors to use within their spaces.
  3. As attendees engage with exhibitors and sponsors, attend keynotes and breakout sessions, or enjoy other event amenities, behaviors are tracked and shared in real-time with the event organizer. 
  4. Analyzing the data in real-time is made simple in data visualization dashboards such as Quant, Power BI, etc.
  5. For experiential offerings, data can also be used to power personalization solutions such as PeerConnect matchmaking, Prescriptive Recommendation Engine (PRE), Lead Scoring and Routing, ExpertFinder, etc.
  6. When attendees want to share or receive information from an exhibitor or sponsor, the attendee simply touches their badge against a specialized reader. A unique one-to-one “digital handshake” provides the visitor’s interests and information to the exhibitor, and the exhibitor’s product information is transmitted to the visitor.
  • Most flexible to deploy and react to onsite changes.
  • View complete, real-time data on attendee behavior. 
  • Facilitate the sharing of information between attendees and exhibitors and sponsors. 
  • Create and execute data-driven strategies that maximize event ROI.

For Show Organizers:

  • Gain real-time, actionable insights about attendee behaviors to optimize event experiences.
  • View event-wide behavior trends or dive into granular booth or session data.

For Exhibitors:

  • Gain exposure, qualified leads, and attendee data to better understand booth traffic and help justify event spend.
  • Gain real-time, actionable insights about attendee behaviors to optimize booth experiences.

For Attendees:

  • Personalization, personalization, personalization… no other tech can provide the attendee with this level of relevance and hyper-targeted experiences. 
  • Addresses the primary reason people register for events, attendee networking. Using AI powered matchmaking and networking, PeerConnect is unmatched in this industry.
  • Gain relevant information about their attendee journey throughout the event to meet personal or business goals, and help justify event attendance.