What if all your event technologies spoke the same language?

Meet Fuzion by Freeman TM

A data integration platform that equips you to easily connect different event technologies and deliver seamless, personalized attendee experiences.

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  • Save time and money on integration

    A single connector enables seamless data communication between your event apps and devices, maximizing your data’s value in real time.

  • Increase attendee engagement and satisfaction

    Leverage Fuzion’s seamless integration and best-in-class partner solutions to immerse your audience in more personalized, engaging experiences. Use technology to cultivate stronger relationships with your attendees.

  • Now, you can be more strategic about your technology choices

    One size doesn’t fit all. The same is true for tech. Don’t get locked into one provider; choose what tech works best for you. With Fuzion by Freeman™ you can mix and match state-of-the-art technologies from our growing ecosystem of trusted partners.

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  • Get the full picture

    Make more strategic decisions in less time when you pair Fuzion with a data visualization tool, like Quant by Freeman™.

  • You don’t have to be an integration expert

    When you partner with Fuzion you can instantly grow your customer base and increase the value of your solution by connecting it to your customers’ event tech ecosystems.

Together, we’re better.

When you partner with Fuzion, you can instantly grow your customer base and increase the value of your solution by connecting to your customers’ event tech ecosystems.

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Created to solve one of the biggest problems in the events industry

Event organizers use multiple technologies to increase attendance, boost efficiency, and decrease costs, but to realize the full transformational potential of their event technology stack, they need an integration platform to connect the dots between their data, apps, and devices. That's where Fuzion by Freeman™ comes in.

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