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The ultimate dream for all marketers, show organizers and show operators is a suite of products that work together seamlessly, forming the backbone of a data-rich strategy. But that suite of products is an event tech unicorn. Instead, we have a number of products that work well for their individual purposes but don’t feed into a holistic solution that serves all, not just part, of an experience.

It’s all about creating a product ecosystem that acts as a foundation between digital solutions — a common language that allows them to talk to each other through APIs. Fuzion by Freeman™ is changing the game for how event professionals integrate their digital technology.

Event Gurus

Increase operational efficiency by ensuring that all your digital technologies speak the same language.

Fuzion by Freeman™ benefits for event organizers:

Ability to choose best-in-class digital solutions
Recover valuable time and resources
Increase attendee experience and satisfaction
Enable increased technology adoption

Technical Members

Make your digital solution instantly more valuable by connecting it to your client's technology ecosystem.

Fuzion by Freeman™ benefits for members:

Help solve an industry-wide challenge
Accelerate event industry innovation
Simplify integrations for you and your clients
Expand reach with a new marketing channel

Founding Members

These founding members represent voices across many segments of the events industry — including registration, mobile apps, floor plan management, abstract management and housing — demonstrating their commitment to shaping the future of the industry.


With Fuzion by Freeman™'s connected ecosystem, you'll be able to:

Integrate seamlessly with the applications your customers are already using
Focus on your product's value proposition, not time-consuming integrations
Collaborate with the event community to offer even more value to your customers
Enable your customers to have a frictionless event tech experience

Featured Members

Fuzion by Freeman™'s network is growing

These certified members represent voices across many segments of the events industry — including registration, mobile apps, floor plan management, abstract management and housing — demonstrating their commitment to shaping the future of the industry.


Power to choose.

The freedom and flexibility to create the right solution.

There are hundreds of technology solutions out there that can help event organizers deliver engaging attendee experiences throughout the event life cycle. Instead of deciding which event tech products we want customers to use, we think you should have the flexibility and power to make the decisions that best support your events strategy. And we want to make that easier for you.

We’ll make sure your digital technology solutions are talking the same language, so you can plug-and-play whichever products enable you to tell the best story at your events.

An open ecosystem.

Providing members with the tools to accomplish their goals.

Administrative Portal

This is the "operating system" of the Fuzion by Freeman™ ecosystem. It's how we create new users and give them access to what they need. It's also where users can set up events and manage communications and alerts that will help drive a successful event.

Data Warehouse

To serve a high volume, velocity and variety of data, Fuzion by Freeman™ has its own data warehouse for centralized storage and management. This warehouse stores all data in both structured and unstructured formats, applying intelligent data handling and normalization routines.

Data Exchange Protocol

Well-documented, accessible data exchange protocols enforce our governance policy using automated validations and controls. Software development kits (SDKs) are available to assist developers with designing connections from their applications.

API Library

Members will have access to a robust set of APIs that cover the event technology spectrum and allow your digital technologies to speak the same language, boosting your organization's ability to give attendees an engaging experience while increasing your ROI.

Developer Portal

The developer portal is accessible to all. Whether you are a certified member or just curious, you can search APIs from our API library and access first-class documentation, training and white papers that will provide you with a straightforward path to accomplishing your organization's integration goals.

Certification & Membership

Application certification is a requirement to participate as a member in our platform. Fuzion by Freeman™ is intended as an "infrastructure as a service" offering to the event industry, and certification will focus on data exchange protocols that will expose the opportunity to build useful integrations to a wide network.

Data Security & Governance

Data security before, during and after the event is of the utmost importance to all stakeholders. To help protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data to the appropriate stakeholders, Fuzion by Freeman™ will implement the latest, forward-looking security measures as indicated in our data governance policy.

Peace of mind.

We're here to support your mission to change the world.

If a cobbled-together system breaks, event organizers end up with multiple providers who cannot individually solve the problem. That puts them in the middle, while oftentimes attendees and exhibitors bear the brunt of the issue. Value is lost, and ROI can be heavily impacted. But an ecosystem can provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have one single point of contact should something happen to go wrong with your integrations, with resources dedicated to help diagnose the problem.

Fuzion by Freeman™-certified members are vetted by Freeman. We’re a collective that prides ourselves on the highest levels of operational excellence across every aspect of our business.

Let's design the future, together.

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